19,500,000.00 THB

Sports Bar 8 Rooms Guesthouse in Pattaya Center

Hotel Bar (3)

(H073) This business 100 meters from Pattaya beach  is a sports bar with hotel in the commercial center of Pattaya. The building in business for 16 years is a Double shop-house with 5 floors and the actual entry is on the ground level. The size is approximately 600 m2 spread over the 5 floors. There is 7 bedrooms plus penthouse floor with 2 bedrooms and on the 5th floor is a doormatry with 20 bunk beds for staff.

Features in brief: bar area has 9 tables, seating for about 70, 11 x TVs, Storeroom, Toilets, 5 x upright fridges, CCTV, Bar Football Table (Football), Pool Table and a Pole dancing platform in the center of bar. There is a small balcony area out the front with seating for 6. The 1st Floor has kitchen (currently not being utilized) and 2 double bedrooms. The 2nd floor has 4 x double bedrooms. The 3rd floor has an apartment (2 x bedrooms, kitchen, and family room). The 4th floor has one large bedroom for staff (20) and a laundry area. The electric power pole and transformer at front of bar are owned by the bar. The building has 3 phase power and is earthed throughout. Every room is fused separately with smoke detectors. WIFI is throughout connected by a 30mb fiber optic cable. The 6 TVs in the bar runs on IPTV which connects to many channels world-wide, with no ongoing fees. Having accommodation upstairs, the bar may open 24 hours a day if desired. Limited street car parking is available nearby.

In previous days when it was open there were about 20 salaried staff members with a monthly payroll of around 120,000 baht. Most of the staff live on the top floor of the building (has sleeping for 20 in bunk beds) Alcohol and food licenses are current and are included in the sale. The stock remaining at time of settlement is included in the price. Featured and reviewed favorably on many online night-time entertainment and bar forums and websites. There is no rent because it is a free hold sale; utilities are about 32,000 baht a month.

The owner will assist in transitioning the business for a short period after settlement, if required.Revenue: About 1 million baht a month. Currently is this business owned in 2 companies (1 for the land and building, and the other for the business) which may be transferred to the new owner if required. That makes the property as freehold. The original asking price was 37,500,00.00 THB but the owner is prepared to give a serious discount with a rock bottom in fire sale …



From 37,500,000.00 THB to

21,500,000.00 THB  


19,500,000.00 THB!!!!!!!


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