240,000,000.00 THB

Pattaya Na Jomtien Previous Tourist Attraction/Mini Zoo

(H109) This project is located on Sukhumvit road with road front access in the Na Jomtien part of Pattaya. The present state of this park is time for renovation but  once this is done again, it will be like in the past a amusements park perfect to make pictures for younger kids and/or selfie loving wife/girlfriends, lots of photo opportunities

For tourist, pictures could be made in the mini zoo with rabbits, goats, sheep’s, deer’s, a couple of horses and some birds. The park also has some of those clever 2D paintings that look 3D.

Pictures of this project before closing down:

Pictures from this project at present day, ready for renovation:

The project had a restaurant, Ferris wheel, mini railway and; bouncy castle. Right at the bottom was another small zoo. This business was successful with Chinese tour groups, Thai families visiting and many private foreign clients come to enjoy a day of fun.

The business failed because of intern managing problems. And even if the buyer not want to rebuilt the previous tourist attraction and mini zoo formula, the value is in the large land plot.

It is Sukhumvit road from having 10 rai and 25 talang wah available to be built on.

The selling price is 240,000.000.00 THB plus half of the transfer taxes.

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