57,500,000.00 THB

Jomtien near Beach 42 Room Guesthouse+Shop+Laundry+Hairdresser

(G070) This property is top located just 40 meters from Jomtien beach in the most popular area from Jomtien. This commercial unit is a corner unit and runs from one soi to the other. On one soi it is a corner unit with a shop down stairs, a public toilet plus a place for a coffee shop and a hairdresser. In front of the shop are also extra self-service washing machines.

This 6 storey building has in total 42 self-contained rooms with air-conditioning, television set, hot and cold water in the toilet shower and safe. The back of the building is recently renovated inside with new tiles and new doors. Some of the furniture is also replaced.

The back of the building comes out in another soi and the ground floor has also self-service washing machines but also a up and running industrial laundry.

The whole building is a real money maker and if case the new owner will freshen up the rooms and make some small renovations, the 12 percent return is easy to get there. The income sources are the rooms, a convient store Thai style, a large laundry and a toilet and shower for beach users.

This property is not published in any other real estate agency and the owner does not want to be disturbed for viewing or contacted for the sale of this building. Please respect that and only contact the person who sends you this add.

The selling price is 57,500,000.00 THB, offered on a Thai name and the transfer tax is included in this price.

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