6,950,000.00 THB

Jomtien Beach 5 rooms Modern New Guesthouse


(G025) This small but modern guesthouse built on only 17 talang wah or 68 sqm of land is located on only 150 meters from Jomtien beach in the area of soi 8. This building with 5 floors is completely renovated into a very modern guesthouse. The ground floor has a large reception that can be turned into a restaurant because behind the reception area is a small but complete kitchen.

The other floors are filled up with 4 large rooms and 1 smaller one but all 5 rooms have balcony. All rooms have safe, air conditioning, new furniture, hot water and Wi-Fi. The front door comes with a key card and the building has CCTV. Although it has no marketing or website to promote it, the guesthouse is mostly full. All the buildings for sale around it are almost all sold already.

The property comes on a Thai name and the original price was 7,500,000.00 THB. The owner is not in any hurry to sell because even without any website, returning renters fill up 70 percent of the time in full paid rentals.

The present selling price is already with 550,000.00 THB discount and there is no space for any negotiating anymore. It will be sold for 6,950,000.00 THB and the transfer taxes are paid by the present owner, so included in the selling price.

Please not waste time by trying to get the selling price lower, if you want to pay less than do not contact us. Hope on understanding. 6,950,000.00 THB is the price!!!

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