8,950,000.00 THB

Jomtien 9 Rooms Guesthouse near Beach

(G028) This guesthouse is in the most desired and best location in Jomtien, only 50 meters from the beach and on walking distance to Dongtang gay beach. For the moment this guesthouse has 4 smaller rooms and 5 larger rooms. It has a kitchen and a lobby on the ground floor. The highest floor 6 can be transferred into 2 extra rooms.

This guesthouse could use some serious renovation but it is estimated that you can make it into a nice good quality guesthouse for less than 1,500,000.00 THB. The rooms are rented out almost the whole year around.

The present selling price is the non-negotiable price of 8,950,000.00 THB, the transfer tax INCLUDED, property offered on aa Thai name.

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