23,800,000.00 THB

Jomtien 18 rooms Guesthouse + 2 Shops

(G025) This amazing property with some units now in the stage of finishing is located near Dongtang beach and in fact only 150 meters from the beach. Most of the rooms from the guesthouse are completed and up and running.

On the first floor or ground floor is a beauty shop, a coiffure and the entrance to the rooms all of it completely renovated and looks like brand new.

At the second floor are 5 rental rooms, of what 2 large with balcony, 1 smaller without window and 1 with window, fully furnished.

At the third floor are 3 large rooms, all of the previous mentioned rooms and shops are fully furnished, air-conditioning provided and recently renewed.At the fifth floor are 2 large rooms with balcony and a smaller room all in shell to be completed. At the sixth floor are in progress 3 extra rooms and if the new owner prefer to have a penthouse, that can be done because it is still under construction….

The owner let us know that there is NO discount on the seling price but he will finished the rooms that are now being built including the elevator, all fully furnished and completed to use in less than 2 months’ time. The new owner will end up with 18 brand new rooms for rental with elevator plus 2 shops.

The property is offered with and existing Ltd company who runs the business and owns the property so can be tax-free. The price is 28,000,000.00 THB  now down to 23,800,000.00 THB with the present owner finishing the whole project completed with elevator and extra rooms ready to be used in less than 2 months. 3 rooms on the top floor can be turned into a penthouse if wanted. This is a real bargain….


23,800,000.00 THB

This 18 rooms and 2 shops building for 23,800,000.00 THB  can be  combined with the next door 8 room plus 1 shop building for 8,850,000.00 THB that provide the new owner:

26 Rooms plus 3 shops for 32,650,000.00 THB ONLY !!!

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This property has the options to buy the guesthouse next door


becomes THB + 10,850,000.00 THB total investment 34,650,000.00 THB

Amount of rooms are 16 plus 9 is 25 Rooms, 1 penthouse plus 3 shops!!!